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10 Parenting Tips Every Stepmom Must Know

By Rachelle Katz, Ed.D., LMFT, Author of The Happy Stepmother: Stay Sane, Empower Yourself and Thrive in Your New Family

Being a stepmother can be one of the most challenging roles in society, and one that often receives little support, understanding, and appreciation from others. In my book, The Happy Stepmother, I share 10 steps to thrive despite the frustrations that come with stepmotherhood, but here are 10 tips you can try right now to become a happier stepmother today:

Essential Parenting Tips for Raising Kids with Medical Issues

By Lisa C. Greene and Foster W. Cline MD

I knew I was in trouble. She ripped the oxygen sensor off her finger and refused to put it back on.

Recovering from surgery isn’t easy for anyone but it’s especially challenging when the patient is only seven. My daughter was grumpy and uncooperative. That was understandable but not helping the situation. Coming out of surgery, she needed to be monitored; the medical sensors weren’t optional.  Kasey was not responding well to the doses of loving kindness and patience shown by those around her. There was nothing anyone could do to satisfy her. She was simply cranky.

Mindful Parenting Tips: Meltdowns, Don’t Fix Them or Stop Them!