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Learning Money Skills The Fun Way

sptcontentbuttonIt can never be too early to teach your child the value of money skills and budgeting. It will prove to be an invaluable tool later in their adult life. Make learning money skills fun for your child. A recent visitor suggested a couple of wonderful money skills resources online for your child.

Online Money Skills Resources For Kids

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Resource Links


  • Super Parents Talk – Parenting resource blog.
  • Parenting at More4kids – At More4kids you will find family, parenting and educational resources. Main features include: pregnancy, baby planning, homeschooling, family travel information and much more.


  • Varsity Tutors LLC – Varsity Learning Tools is a comprehensive suite of 50,000+ completely free, professionally written practice questions. The questions cover 100+ academic subjects and tests for all levels of education, from K-12 through college through graduate school.

Money Saving Resources

  • Momma Luvs To Save – Money saving blog offering coupons, money saving offers, free samples and money saving tips.

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Parents and Failure

By Bruce J. Gevirtzman,
Author of An Intimate Understanding of America’s Teenagers: Shaking Hands With Aliens
As September approaches, almost every schoolteacher in America fills with excitement and trepidation. It is, after all, a new year. Like baseball in spring, anything seems possible for a teacher in the fall when it comes to a renewal of spirit: new students, new gimmicks, new courses–and hope does spring eternal. Most good teachers take a mental inventory of what needs to be done to become more successful in their classrooms; unfortunately, however, that usually means having to dwell temporarily on the downside of education.