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Parenting Toddlers – Terrible Twos and Troublesome Threes!

Parenting Toddlers – Terrible Twos and Troublesome Threes!
Parenting toddlers can be very exhausting as well as enjoyable. If you are parenting toddlers, you should have stamina and lots of patience.

Your little bundle of joy could be very energetic at times and since he or she is still a bit of a baby, you may need to carry him or her around every now and then. Mind you, toddlers can be heavy and they can be very demanding when it comes to being carried around in your arms all day.

Announcement: Super Blogger Award

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Why I am doing this? Well a few years back I started an award program for SPT’s sister site Parent Super Site. It was quite successful and it gave me an opportunity to see many wonderful websites around the web. I am not overly critical and believe most people put a lot of work into their websites and shouldn’t have to be a pro to be acknowledged. So, I decided it would be a fun feature for Super Parents Talk as well and I can’t see what the world of blogging has to offer.

Your blog needs to be family friendly and does not have to relate to parenting. Nominate your blog here.

Looking For Super Blogs

I am new to blogging and since the launch of Super Parents Talk a few weeks ago I have been searching for and reading several blogs. So today I thought I would give my readers a chance to post their favorite blogs worth checking out. Parenting and family blogs is mostly what I am looking for but they can cover any family safe topic if you feel they are worth checking out.