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iRules Top 5 Tips

By Janell Burley Hofmann,
Author of iRules: What Every Tech-Healthy Family Needs to Know About Selfies, Sexting, Gaming, and Growing Up

How do we begin making iRules? Tech Talks! Gather ’round for tech inventory, tech preferences, expectations & boundary building. This can be done with one child or the whole family can create house iRules. Tech talks encourage dialogue to help raise tech healthy families and limit struggle.

Not sure if you should share that pic? Permission to Post! Using this strategy we teach our children to ask a friend’s permission before sending or sharing a photo of a peer with others. This is a good tool for parent posts too. Do you need to pause for permission to post that silly selfie of your son on Facebook? Think about it!

What happens after we say good night? Keep sleep sacred! Experts, researchers, parents, students, and pediatricians agree that technology can keep impact the quality of our sleep. Our days are full and we hardly ever “turn off”, this goes for our children too! We must make space to recharge growing minds and bodies. Sleep is something we must protect!

“Growing Up Online” eBook




eBook featuring NBC News Journalists Provides Internet Safety Tips for Parents, Teachers and Kids in Spanish and English

In support of National Internet Safety Month in June, NBCUniversal’s The More You Know, in collaboration with NBC News, has launched Growing Up Online, a free, interactive eBook for parents, teachers and kids about digital literacy and Internet safety. The first release from The More You Know Learning Series, Growing Up Online offers informative, media-rich tools to help parents in discussions with their children about using technology responsibly and safely, as well as entertaining video comic books focused on real-life situations that might arise when kids go online. The eBook features NBC News journalists including Brian Williams, Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker and Dr. Nancy Snyderman speaking about the importance of keeping kids safe online.

Growing Up Online is available as a free download on Apple’s iBookstore for iPad and iPad Mini, Barnes and Noble’s Nook Tablet, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Kobo, as well as online for desktop and laptop viewing at http://www.themoreyouknow.com/.

“When 52% of children have access to a mobile device and one in three kids has experienced cyberbullying, we are proud to provide resources and tools so that people can address the pressing issue of how to navigate the digital world securely,” said Beth Colleton, NBCUniversal Senior Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In collaboration with leading experts from Common Sense Media and NetSmartz Workshop (an education program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children), Growing Up Online addresses the increasing concern around kids’ online privacy issues and cyberbullying in a unique way.


Creating Cherished Memories Online Safely

Three things you can do online to protect your kids when they are older and create cherished memories.

We have all heard the saying, “once it is on the internet, it is there forever.”  However, with a little foresight, dedication and creativity, you may be able to make the internet work for your kids rather than against them.   Some ways to do this are by creating a family blog, building a positive web presence for your children, and using the newest technology to make the classic collage.  Simple steps like these may allow you to use the internet to protect your children and give them memories they will cherish.

A family blog

Creating a family blog or website can be a great way for everyone in your family to easily stay in touch, share their favorite photos, and look back through all the years together.  There are a number of free services like WordPress, Blogger and Webs.com that will allow your family to set up a website quickly and easily.  While you should try to update the blog often, at least once a year, consider posting something special.  One fun idea is to make a post at the same time each year, for example, during Christmas or during an annual family vacation.  Every time you take this photo, it can involve a different theme.  The first year, your whole family can consider posing together in Scooby-Doo pajamas and then the next, everyone can dress up in 80’s clothes or entirely in denim.  Over the years, these slightly silly photos of the whole family may be a great way to reflect on growing up together.