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Review – Mommy Please Don’t Cry: there are no tears in heaven

Mommy Please Don’t Cry: there are no tears in heaven

Author: Linda DeYmaz

Illustrated by: Laurie Snow Hein

Publisher: Multnomah Gifts, a division of Multnomah Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: I-59052-I51-X

In loving memory of her daughter and dedicated to mother’s who have suffered the loss of a child, Linda DeYmaz takes us into heaven through the a child’s voice and eyes. Comforting words from a child passed to a mother touches your heart, fills you with emotion yet giving you a sense of peacefulness. The pages are beautifully illustrated with soft colors, peaceful scenes and the angelic like faces of children. Mommy Please Don’t Cry is a wonderful book for all mothers.

Review by: Tammy Pinarbasi owner of Parent Super Site and Super Parents Talk. This review may be reprinted as long as reviewer’s bio is intact and hyperlinks remain active in online reprints.

Preventing Infant Tooth Decay

Preventing Infant Tooth Decay

by Tammy Pinarbasi

Tooth decay in infants and small children is commonly referred to as baby bottle tooth decay. It results from prolonged contact to sweet liquids that cling to the infant’s or child’s teeth.