Accept and Appreciate That Men Parent Differently

By Sandra Beckwith

Don’t be frustrated because your husband doesn’t parent the same way you do – learn why his differences are good for the children. Here are just some of the differences:

• Fathers use physical contact to excite a child; mothers use it to comfort and provide security. Dad tickles or wrestles; Mom hugs.

• When playing, fathers direct the activity, acting as a teacher with the child as an apprentice. Mothers play at the child’s level, side-by-side, allowing the child to be in charge and run the show. Fathers’ play also encourages children to experiment, learn new skills and push against their limits.

• Fathers discipline with inflexible rules; mothers discipline according to the moment, adjusting to the child’s mood.

• Fathers communicate by teaching. Conversations between fathers and children are short and occur side-by-side, rather than face-to-face. Mothers communicate more emotionally, sharing feelings and enjoying long conversations.

• A mother’s love is unconditional; a father’s is tied to performance.

• Mothers worry about a newborn’s survival, fathers about the child’s future success.

Your children appreciate and need his different style. Learn to sit back and enjoy the help.

Sandra Beckwith speaks frequently on the lighter side of gender differences and is the author of WHY CAN’T A MAN BE MORE LIKE A WOMAN? Learn more at

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